Character protrayal of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This has by far been my most favorite novel of all times. When I feel Elizabeth Bennet, I feel me. Elizabeth is me and a lot of other women like me!!! Period!!! Yes, I am. I am prejudiced about a lot of things starting with, but obviously, the other gender and many a times  the same gender too. I do consider this as my folly. Only if I knew how to overcome being myself at all times!!!

Lizzy is a happy woman who rejoices in the life’s smallest pleasures like taking a walk alone, writing letters, talking /chatting with her best girl pal..gossips included, being curious about the small things, never losing her wit at any period of time. Like me, she has faced a lot of rejections in life and is quite tolerant about the way she is, the way she looks, and the way the other sex perceives her. She is never devoid of “civilities” in her mannerism expect when she is provoked by some proud young man of the nature of Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth Bennet is one such smart young woman of her times, who never stops to amaze me. Bumping into a wrong person at the wrong place is so like all of us women and then unable to hold our breadth or look straight into the other person’s eyes, I am sure is one experience we don’t want ever but were helpless about it at some point of time in our lives.   But what I have fancied about doing like Elizabeth Bennet is visiting a wonderful place like Pemberley in Derbyshire for the first time and being dumbfounded looking at the beauty around me and visualizing my perfect future life as a Mistress of the estate. This one day-dream, I  wish happens to me. How very capricious of me!!

Eliza is all of us normal young  ladies. She’s the epitome of a cheerful  young lively woman who knows her limits and has always tried to be just in her pursuit of happiness.


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